Curators’ Blog

After every new gallery show is installed, our Curator, Rachel, gives her professional overview of each piece. Tune in to see what she has to say and get a virtual mini-tour of our shows.

  • When Things Fall Apart
    Back in the Before Times, we had a whole calendar of events and classes set up thru June. Show calls were written! People were working on class curricula! Everyone at TAH was getting excited for what we were gonna call “Treasure From Trash” weekend: a weekend-long event with workshops and space for upcycling your recycling … Read more
  • Odyssey Below the Tides ~ Review
    Odyssey Below the Tides is the 2nd group exhibition to go up at Tidal Artist Haven (which opened in January), and features nearly a dozen artists from around the Seattle area. The work on display ranges from depicting literal sea creatures like the graceful jellyfish of Steven Miljavac’s photography; to the terror possible in interacting … Read more