January Call for Art: Making Time

This is the call for art, for information about the opening reception go here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1504075896424589/

Time is a fundamental aspect of human existence, but it is so amorphous and mysterious that everyone relates to it differently. How we relate to it changes every second of every day from the point we are aware of time, until the point where it stops being relevant. The means by which it is measured and what it means has changed so much throughout human existence, that just about every culture relates to time differently. Much of the industrialized world is driven by strict linear time, but cultures less dependent on industry have a more cyclical understanding of time.

In choosing or composing your submissions for this show, please consider the following ideas: How do you relate to time as an artist? What do you think time is? What is it about? How do you measure and experience time? Is time Real? What will happen to your art over time? What is the best way for art to communicate across long stretches of time?

Fees: $10 per accepted piece. If you cannot afford the Showing Fee, it may be possible to have it waived. (Showing Fee does not apply to Tidal Artist Haven members and resident artists.) If a piece sells, TAH will collect a 30% commission.

Submission guidelines:
*2D and 3D works accepted (it may also be possible to screen video artwork)
*2D art MUST BE WALL READY. We will not be attaching wires or brackets to your work, and dislike hanging canvases that have no hanging hardware. If you need help making your pieces wall ready, special arrangements can be made. We will do our best to accommodate display requirements of 3D works that cannot be hung on a wall.
*Accepted works must be delivered to Tidal Artist Haven by January 15th at 10pm. If you cannot deliver your work, special arrangements can be made. Any unsold works may be picked up from Tidal Artist Haven after the closing reception on February 14th. If you cannot pick up your work by February 16th, special arrangements can be made, but we will not store work.
*Submit up to 5 pieces thru this webform: https://forms.gle/W8mZ7pcjg757M6dk7
*We will begin going thru submissions on January 6th

facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2489253501346659/