CALL FOR ART: Odyssey Below the Tides

This time of year it rains so much that there might as well be an entire ocean under our feet. It leads a body to wonder what’s really out there in the deeps. For this show we want to feature 2D and 3D work depicting sea monsters, seascapes, and the general mystery of Davy Jones’s Locker.

In choosing or composing your submissions for this show consider the following ideas: what the heck is down there? What is the cost of human activity for underwater beings? How far down must one go to hear the Heartbeat of the Earth? Are there, or have there ever been advanced societies thriving below the surface of the ocean? What is so special about the Dead Sea? Why are humans so intrigued by merfolk? What metaphorical significance can water hold?

Fees: $10 per accepted piece. If you cannot afford the Showing Fee, it may be possible to have it waived. (Showing Fee does not apply to Tidal Artist Haven members and resident artists.) If a piece sells, TAH will collect a 30% commission (20% for TAH members and resident artists).

Submission guidelines:
*2D and 3D works accepted (it may also be possible to screen video artwork)
*2D art MUST BE WALL READY. We will not be attaching wires or brackets to your work, and dislike hanging canvases that have no hanging hardware. If you need help making your pieces wall ready, special arrangements can be made. We will do our best to accommodate display requirements of 3D works that cannot be hung on a wall.
*Accepted works must be delivered to Tidal Artist Haven by February 6th at 7pm. If you cannot deliver your work, special arrangements can be made. Any unsold works may be picked up from Tidal Artist Haven after the closing reception on March 11th. If you cannot pick up your work by March 19th, special arrangements can be made, but we will not store work indefinitely.

Show Dates: 2/16-3/11
Call Date: 1/23
Submission deadline: 2/6